UNIFERM management system: success based on ensured quality

UNIFERM management system

Together with our customers, we take on responsibility for millions of consumers being able to enjoy bread and baked goods of excellent quality. A modern kind of quality assurance and extensive safety and security directives help us at UNIFERM to meet those challenges appropriately at any time.

According to our corporate policy we are responsible for both our use of resources and our employees. That we comply with all legal regulations and standards goes without saying. For that purpose, we have established a comprehensive management system which defines our individual working processes, starting at the selection of high-quality raw materials and the right production technology to ensure the quality of our products and services.

One core principle of our quality approach is to continuously improve the quality of our products, our processes ad our services. Every day, we at UNIFERM work on ensuring sustainable success for our customers by developing and manufacturing reliable and safe baking ingredients.

Learn more about the six modules of the UNIFERM management system.

Vita-Brot gebacken mit UNIFERM FermFresh Gerstenmalz

Quality - the foundation of our success

Our own success and that of our customers is closely linked with the quality of all products and services. To us, quality means more than meeting the product requirements agreed with our customers. It also means meeting the requirements of product safety and legal rules as well as compliance with requirements of product hygiene. This compliance is ensured by strict application of food safety standards. The UNIFERM quality management is regularly audited and certified in accordance with the international standards IFS Food and Q+S. Here you will find our most recent certificates.

Arbeitsschutz bedeutet Sicherheit jeden Tag bei Uniferm

Work safety - safely through the day

Occupational health and safety is organised following OHSAS 18001 and of utmost priority among our staff. Here, the behaviour of our employees plays a key role in compliance with and improvement of all measures taken to protect health and safety.

Therefore, regular instructions on occupational health and safety and hygiene are done at our different locations; in this context, first-aid courses and fire drills are organised as well to raise health and safety awareness among all employees and prepare them for any emergencies.


Ressourcenschonende Hefe-Herstellung bei UNIFERM

Environment - preserving resources

At UNIFERM, economy and ecology are no opposites: we aim at conducting our business as environmentally friendly as possible to ensure that our own environment and thus our natural resources can be preserved.

We have been able to reduce the major emissions, especially in yeast production, to an acceptable level due to our timely investment in modern processing methods. Residues are turned into marketable by-products (vinasse and vinasse salt) or reused for energy production such as biogas. When it comes to the emission-rich yeast production, UNIFERM did some pioneer work in avoiding and reducing solid waste and waste water from production. The environmental awareness of all employees is enhanced by UNIFERM as part of our continuous improvement process where we encourage them to submit ideas of how to save energy resources.

How do we practice environmental protection at UNIFERM? Here is one example: the closed raw-material cycle when producing fresh baking yeast.

The innovative attitude in our production also has an impact on environmental protection. Using our own extremely thoroughly working water treatment plant in the production of baking yeast, we more than comply with legal environmental regulations. A closed raw-material cycle ensures that practically no residues occur.

Sustainablity at UNIFERM

Sustainability - being responsible for tomorrow

It is our declared aim and responsibility to sustainably ensure the business success and competitiveness of UNIFERM. Therefore, in our strategic and operative thinking, the economic needs have to be considered together with the ecological and social dimensions of sustainability; those reflections are formulated as a clear agreement on objectives. This approach follows the “Triple-S” model of the IfNM (institute for sustainable management) in Bonn/Germany.

  • Using state-of-the-art production methods that protect resources and the environment – including a reuse of the materials and energies created in the process
  • Maintaining secure, dynamic and transparent supply chains that take ecological and socio-ethical aspects into account
  • Complying with all pertinent and current legal stipulations as well as socio-ethical standards within the scope of the company
  • Considering the rights and claims of all people and organisations involved in the value-creating process as well as all relevant stakeholders within the surroundings and along the supply chain.
BHKW Modul in der UNIFERM Hefe-Fabrik

Energy - enhancing efficiency

Our company strives for a continuous and sustainable reduction of energy consumption taking economic and technical commensurability into account. In doing so, we focus on the production of baking yeast which is the most energy-intensive consumer in our company. In order to record and monitor our energy consumption and the implementation of our energy targets, we have established an energy management system certified according to DIN EN ISO 50001. You will find the certificate here.

An essential component of our sustainability concept is to enhance energy efficiency and reduce the specific consumption of fossil energy – this is of major importance for the economic success of our company.

UNIFERM operates a state-of-the-art combined heat-power (CHP) plant and thus generates its own energy to supply the machines used in yeast production.

Our CHP plant at the Monheim site was awarded in 2013. A total number of six CHP modules cover the entire heat demand of the complex yeast fermentation process. The remaining waste heat is supplied to the small district heating system for hot-water production, any excess production in the power generation is directly supplied to the public grid. This process does not only preserve resources – its CO2 emissions are significantly lower than the limit values defined by German law for combined gas and steam-turbine power plants.

Compliance bei UNIFERM

Compliance - following clear princliples

“Following clear principles” – this is how we define ourselves, in line with our UNIFERM tradition. Our business success is founded on this statement – yesterday, today and tomorrow. The compliance with law, regulations and company guidelines is of utmost priority at UNIFERM – all our business is to be conducted impeccably whether it concerns ethical or legal issues. Leaders, managers and employees are advised to follow national and international law and regulations. As a trustworthy employer and business partner we shall not tolerate any breaches of law, be them acts of bribery and corruption or other issues. To avoid any conflicts of interest, employees are continuously trained as part of an anti-corruption programme to raise awareness of those issues.

We aim to promote both responsible behaviour and an ethical corporate culture by continuously working on how to improve our organisation and integrity. Being a legally compliant company, we hope to be a trustworthy partner for our customers.


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